Cheapest Solution to Body Odor

Let’s face it…it happens to everyone. You’re working out before work, nervous for a presentation, or just plain hot from the weather and you start sweating. Maybe there’s odor involved.

The problem is getting rid of body odor is expensive and often times flat out unaffordable. How many deodorants do you have to buy and go through before you find the right one? How many expensive perfumes do you have to get? And how many times do you have to spray them throughout the day?? It’s just.too.much.

This budgetologist has suffered with the two notions of smelling nice and living frugally for years, with seemingly no solutions in sight. That is, until I discovered an over-the-counter remedy to body odor that is cheap and very effective!

Apple cider vinegar is like a cheap-person’s dream. I use it for so many things. Face toner, appetite suppressant, conditioner. But most importantly, every morning I dab some under my armpits.

Take a cotton-ball, put the apple cider vinegar then just dab it under your arm pits.  (WARNING: DONT DO THIS AFTER YOU SHAVE! It will burn like holy hell!)

You can choose to put deodorant on afterwards but it’s not even necessary. The vinegar kills all the bacteria that cause B.O. and leaves you smelling pleasant all day. Just when you thought it wasn’t possible.

(P.S. the cheapest yet most efficient one I’ve found is the picture above, just click on it to buy it online).

♥ The Budgetologist



No Money? Get Lunch Free

I don’t know if you fools know this but this Budgetologist does not make a lot of money. Yes, I have a job in television that I love and yes maybe I could be a corporate sell-out and make more that way, but I just don’t wanna! So for the sake of full discretion I will tell you right now I make a few cents over minimum wage in my state, as of this January. What does that mean? That means a lot of times I’m broke-da-broke!

(Click on this picture to get to a FREE Costco app)

A membership to Costco costs over $50 a year and ain’t nobody got time for that. The problem: Costco samples are some of the best. You can get a quarter of a sandwich, mouthfuls of ravioli and all the mixed nuts you can ask for just in one sample tour.

(Click on the picture to get FREE Costco coupons!)

This is what I do almost every day — I go to Costco and eat the free samples WITHOUT a membership. But how do you get through the door with the security guards there? Well, I just say I’m getting lunch. Lunch at Costco is open to the public and you do not need to be a member. After that, I just walk through the aisles and get all the free samples I want while also getting some exercise (that place is huge!)

The sample ladies are usually very nice so you can take three crackers with chunky tuna on them and they won’t even mind. Eat enough to get full.

Once you’re in the store, is anyone really going to stop you and ask you for your membership? Uh, no. How would they even know? They wouldn’t. Go forth and eat samples!!

♥ The Budgetologist

Creative Free Baking Sheet

If there’s one thing this Budgetologist loves it’s pizza. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough pizza. Sometimes I’ll even splurge on my own box of pizza. (BTW cheapest whole box of pizza definitely goes to Costco).

What I always try to do is make the pizza into as many meals as possible. I can get eight meals out of one box sometimes if I practice the utmost willpower. But what about other ways to get use out of that money you already spent?

You can use the lid of the pizza box as a baking sheet! Simply rip it off!

A good way to recycle while not wasting money on a baking sheet or on cleaning a baking sheet is to use your pizza box covers.

Every pizza box comes with a little flippy lid. Instead of wasting all that cardboard and simply throwing it into the trash, reuse it, dammit! If you don’t have a baking sheet, you will save money on one. If you do have a baking sheet, you won’t have to wash it and can save money on using your water and dishwasher.

If you’re baking something messy, like ribs, throw the cardboard away right after you use it. But if it’s something not so messy you can even reuse the cardboard 2-3 times. This Budgetologist likes to think of it as frugal recycling or fru-cycling.

♥ The Budgetologist