Creative Free Baking Sheet

If there’s one thing this Budgetologist loves it’s pizza. I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough pizza. Sometimes I’ll even splurge on my own box of pizza. (BTW cheapest whole box of pizza definitely goes to Costco).

What I always try to do is make the pizza into as many meals as possible. I can get eight meals out of one box sometimes if I practice the utmost willpower. But what about other ways to get use out of that money you already spent?

You can use the lid of the pizza box as a baking sheet! Simply rip it off!

A good way to recycle while not wasting money on a baking sheet or on cleaning a baking sheet is to use your pizza box covers.

Every pizza box comes with a little flippy lid. Instead of wasting all that cardboard and simply throwing it into the trash, reuse it, dammit! If you don’t have a baking sheet, you will save money on one. If you do have a baking sheet, you won’t have to wash it and can save money on using your water and dishwasher.

If you’re baking something messy, like ribs, throw the cardboard away right after you use it. But if it’s something not so messy you can even reuse the cardboard 2-3 times. This Budgetologist likes to think of it as frugal recycling or fru-cycling.

♥ The Budgetologist


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