Cheapest Solution to Body Odor

Let’s face it…it happens to everyone. You’re working out before work, nervous for a presentation, or just plain hot from the weather and you start sweating. Maybe there’s odor involved.

The problem is getting rid of body odor is expensive and often times flat out unaffordable. How many deodorants do you have to buy and go through before you find the right one? How many expensive perfumes do you have to get? And how many times do you have to spray them throughout the day?? It’s just.too.much.

This budgetologist has suffered with the two notions of smelling nice and living frugally for years, with seemingly no solutions in sight. That is, until I discovered an over-the-counter remedy to body odor that is cheap and very effective!

Apple cider vinegar is like a cheap-person’s dream. I use it for so many things. Face toner, appetite suppressant, conditioner. But most importantly, every morning I dab some under my armpits.

Take a cotton-ball, put the apple cider vinegar then just dab it under your arm pits.  (WARNING: DONT DO THIS AFTER YOU SHAVE! It will burn like holy hell!)

You can choose to put deodorant on afterwards but it’s not even necessary. The vinegar kills all the bacteria that cause B.O. and leaves you smelling pleasant all day. Just when you thought it wasn’t possible.

(P.S. the cheapest yet most efficient one I’ve found is the picture above, just click on it to buy it online).

♥ The Budgetologist



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