Get free paper towels

Oh, paper towels. The product this budgetologist has a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand, they are so necessary to clean spills and what have you. On the other hand, who wants to spend money on something that you use once and have to throw away?

Paper towels can get pricey too. Bounty and other brands can run you some serious cash. Of course, if you must buy them, it’s always better to buy in bulk like at Costco. I had a boyfriend who would only buy one role of paper towels at a time. It would piss this budgetologist off to no end! Like he wouldn’t be needing more after that role. What a waste of money $$$.

Gas stations almost always have paper towels outside. Simply pull up to a gas station and take as many as you’d like. FREE OF CHARGE. I figure, we pay gasoline companies billions of dollars, they can at least give us a few paper towels right?