What’s For Dinner?

I’m struggling this month, I’m really struggling this month. My boyfriend had a birthday and it wiped me out financially. Damn him for being born!

I figure after rent, utilities, gas, wifi and my hefty credit card bill I’ll barely have any money for food every day. It’s going to be pushing it to be able to spend $5 a day. I’m aiming more for about $3 a day.

Now let’s just put this out there now, I can’t cook for shit. I screwed up nachos last night. But it’s for good reason, dammit. I never wanted to be a housewife (a fate worse than death in my young mind. Why? Well, no financial independence of course! Stuck under the financial fate of a husband who might have an Ashley Madison account as we speak, no thank you.) so it was intentional that I never learned to cook! Yeah, kicking myself over that one.

Luckily, there’s some life hacks I use to stay under budget and not cook. First of all, I live on baked potatoes. I love those things. They’re about 80 cents a potato. Throw them in the microwave (but for christ sakes, poke holes in them first, common now). I’ll be eating one for dinner for sure. They fill you up with all that starch. Gotta love them.

I get butter packets from local restaurants that serve breakfast so I don’t have to pay for butter myself. Just go in, say you were a customer earlier and you’d like some extra butter packets. It’ll work every time, guaranteed.

Then I spend about $1.68 on sour cream and just go. to. town. Hey, It’s not a lot of calories and it’s freakin delicious. Why not save money and lose weight at the same time?

♥ The Budgetologist