Get Cans of Tuna for 87 Cents Each!

Right now, CVS is having an incredible sale. They are selling cans of tuna for only 87 cents. I don’t know about you, but this budgetologist can make a can of tuna into a meal and be full from it until it’s time for the next meal.

Want a cheap ass snack? Or perhaps, a whole lunch? Put some mustard and mayo in there and you’re set. (Get the mayo and mustard from the Cosco lunch stand if you don’t have any and don’t want to pay for it!)

Best of all, you might even be able to get the cans of tuna for free if you use a CVS card.

I had a $5 receipt coupon from CVS after a shopping day. I was able to buy 6 cans of tuna, and got my lunch for the week for free. Make sure to take advantage of these “Extra Bucks” to get free goodies. They’ll go a lot further for you the cheaper items you can get.

Is the tuna the highest quality? No! It’s under a dolla, yo! But…it will be enough for a meal and fill you up. This deal might not last forever, or maybe it will. This budgetologist didn’t check the details of that. Regardless, you’re going to want to hit up CVS right away to get tunalicious.

♥ The Budgetologist


Get Free Food At Any Fast Food Joint With This Secret

This budgetologist tells you how to get discounted products that will save you tons and help you maintain a frugal life…but let’s take it a step further now.

In an earlier post, I showed you how to get free drinks at any fast food joint with a simple secret.

Now that you’re on your way to becoming scientists in budgeting…or budgetologists…I’m going to teach you a simple secret that will allow you to get free fast food at any joint you want. It requires a little bit of digging, literally, but it’s worth it when you are seriously strapped for cash.

Step 1: Find some kind of fast food receipt. This can be your friend’s receipt, on the ground, from the garbage…where ever your  ego and dignity will allow you to search. Keep looking until you find a special order receipt. Something like “one burger, no pickles.” You can also just order a burger with no pickles and use that receipt, but it will cost you for the price of the first burger.

Step 2: Call the number on the receipt.

Step 3: Say something along these lines “hi, I came through your drive-thru today and ordered a burger with no pickles but mine had pickles and I’m allergic…can I get a new one?” They will say why yes, of course, come through the drive thru again and just present your receipt.

Step 4: Drive through the drive thru and give them the receipt. They will make you delicious fast food that you will get without paying a single dime.

Step 5: Repeat this to your heart’s desire. Just make sure you go to different fast food places so they don’t recognize you!

♥ The Budgetologist

Get Free Drinks At Any Fast Food Joint With This Secret

Do you love soda but hate shelling out the cash to pay for it? Well, you’re in luck. This budgetologist has figured out how to get free coke, pepsi, sprite, you name it at any fast food restraurant with very low initial cost — not more than two dolla.

The first step is to order a soda at a fast food restaurant. This will be your only start up cost and will range from a dolla to two dolla and some amount of cents. Pay it, it’ll be worth it. For this example, I’ll use this Jack in the Box cup I bought about a week ago.


There’s coke in here

Now, it gets real simple. All you have to do is keep the cup. Whenever you have a soda craving, simply walk into Jack in the Box and refill your soda. Any day. Any time. I wash out the cup with water in between to make sure it stays clean. None of the store workers will question you — you could’ve just gotten it in the drive thru and now you’re refilling it before you leave again.

If you want to get real fancy, you can continue acquiring cups from different fast food places. Whenever you need a soda, simply go into your trunk and pick the fast food cup that your closest to. This is a fool proof and simple way to get non-stop soda for only an initial buck.

You can also use your presence in the place to get free sauces. For example, this budgetologist was at a fundraiser and bought some tri-tip (I forked over the money because it was for a good cause.) The tri-tip was dry though! And desperately needed BBQ sauce. So, I killed two birds with one stone. I saved money on soda by walking into the building and filling my cup full of free coca-cola, then I simply asked the cashier for BBQ sauce. It made my charity tri-tip more delicious and satisfied my coke-craving all in one trip.

♥ The Budgetologist 

Broke? Eat lunch at Costco!

You gotta love cheap prices, right? Someday my future fiancé will buy my engagement ring from Costco and this bugetologist will know he’s the one because he’s frugal and reasonable.

I remember my first adult purchase was a Costco membership card. I paid $55 for it for the year. They even took my picture and everything. But after a few months, I realized I wasn’t using it and so, in defeat, I returned it like a sucker. I got the money back and quickly my spirits were lifted as I thought about how many Costco hotdogs I could now buy.

Anyway, Costco, like Jack in the Box offers one option that is so cheap this budgetologist takes advantage of it on the regular.


Honestly, tho. A dolla fiddy for a hot dog AND a coke. That’s a frugal lady’s dream. You can even upgrade it to the coveted polish sausage for the SAME DAMN PRICE!

Now remember, when you’re at the condiments portion of the transaction, stock up on that shit! Get enough ketchup, mustard and onions to last the next few weeks. You can then use that to make your own hotdogs at home, put it in deviled eggs, a burger, whatever your heart desires.

In that way you’re saving money on condiments while getting a cheap ass meal at the same time. Score!

♥ The Budgetologist 

Avoid Costly Food Cravings

Here’s a secret: The budgetologist loves to eat. And I mean LOVES to eat. But, eating is expensive and so are food cravings.

Ever find yourself craving a chocolate bar and ice cream cake and a hot fudge sunday all at the same time? Yeah, you’re not alone.

Indulging on these cravings every time you have them will only dip into your savings, and let’s not dip our spoons for that.

There’s a secret though. It will help you to curb food cravings. Using this secret you can eat a few of your friend’s fries for free instead of going out and buying your own. Aren’t you a good friend?

Here’s what you do: Let’s say your friend is eating delicious french fries and it’s making you want to buy some. Take two of the fattest french fries you can finagle from your friend.

Get a full cup of cold water. Water…is freeeee!

Eat the first french fry slowly. Really enjoy the taste of it. Don’t be distracted as you’re eating it. Focus on the fry. Got it?

Savor it for a minute longer. Then drink the whole glass of water. Even if you’re feeling full and uncomfortable, finish it anyway.

Then take the second french fry and repeat. Eat it slowly and enjoy it.

Now what will this do?

This tricks your stomach into thinking it just consumed a whole bunch of french fries, when really the stupid thing only ate 2! Tricked you, body!

This is a method models use to lose weight and end food cravings but it’s this budgetologist’s trick for saving money on those horrible cravings!

♥ The Budgetologist

Cash in the Box

What’s your biggest priority at this point in your life? Is it to move up in your career? Live a healthy lifestyle? Achieve financial independence and get the hell out of this place (wherever that might be).

Here’s something that is kind of controversial to say, but fuck it, I’ll say it: It’s nearly impossible to live a life of a true budgetologist and eat healthy. Eating things like organic kale spinach salad for dinner every day requires a ton of money that I just don’t have right now, do you? Well good…go munch on your kale we don’t want you here anyway.

In my last post I told you how to save money on your morning coffee. Now, I’m going to tell you what I’ve been doing for the last week or so that has saved me a lot of money.

One thing is for sure: if you want to save money you should consider eating at Jack in the Box. Jack in the Box is so cheap it will make your head spin and your wallet full.


You really think imma pay for this image?

2 tacos for a dollar. How can you beat that?? A taco for fifty cents. Can you think of anything cheaper at any fast food restaurant? Because I can’t…and trust me, I’ve tried. But, it gets even better. What if you could purchase something on the menu and get those tacos for free? It might actually be worth your time and you can keep that dollar in your pocket to use on a rainy day.

Here’s how I save money on coffee and get my lunch for free at the same time.

Jack in the box iced coffee is cheap and delicious. It’s only $1.99 for a mocha, when I would normally pay $5.50 or even upward at other places. After the initial coffee purchase, you’re going to want to hold onto your receipt.

This receipt will quite literally be your meal ticket. That’s because if you fill out a survey on the receipt you can receive two free tacos on your next purchase. Damn!

photo (1)

Here’s my receipt from today. As you an see, I got my mocha iced coffee for less than two dolla. Then, they tell me if I take this little survey and fill in the code, I will get 2 free tacos on my next visit.

The next time I go in, I will go in with the will of 1,000 horses and the bargaining chips of the Russian mob.

I will order my same iced mocha in the morning, then will show my receipt for two free tacos. They will then hand me said tacos and my lunch will be taken care of and paid for.

Best of all, they will give me another receipt with the same damn set up on there, and the cycle will continue indefinitely until either the cashier or I croak. Who will be the first to go? Judging by all these tacos I’m eating…I could make a bet.

Is it the healthiest option? No. But, I will tell you the first month I got to my new job I was surviving mostly on Jack in the Box tacos and I lost about 10 pounds. So, maybe you’ll cut off a few years of your life…you were just going to spend them with your bratty grandkids who don’t even call you on your birthday anyway.

So there you have it. I get my morning coffee and my lunch for $1.99. Then I go and eat my 80 cent potato for dinner and I’m under my $3 limit for the day. I might even have some $2 wine afterwards ooh la la.

♥ The Budgetologist 

Cawfee Tawk

Oh, man do I love my ice vanilla soy lattes from that local cafe and bakery that charges way too much for my morning joe. In fact, I have to pay about $5.55 for a medium one of those every morning. Granted after 10 I get a free one with my punch card but dammit! That’s not going to cut it this month.

As I mentioned, I’m in a financial pickle because my boyfriend just had to be born at the end of August, leaving me strapped for cash after the glorious mini-vacay I got him because I’m the best girlfriend on the planet.

Ground rule of budgetology numero uno (that means number one in Spanish, you know I don’t speak Spanish): When strapped for cash, the morning coffee must be the first thing to go. I know, I know, it makes you want to cry. What did the morning coffee ever do to you besides make you energized and excited to start the day?

Well, it was an unnecessary expenditure that must be destroyed, that’s what it did, foo! I know you don’t like it but you basically have three options here:

  1. You could use that coffee machine in your kitchen that’s been gathering rust and dust and must for the last year. Buying that powder grind from the store will save you nearly $5 a day which is $35 a week which is (hold on, let me get out my phone calculator) $175 a month. That’s a gas bill and a wifi bill!
  2. You could go to trader joes. Purchase the following items: Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate ($7.99) and your choosing of half and half, 2%, or whatever the fuck you put in there. OR, even better, go to a breakfast place, tell them you just bought coffee and hour ago and you need more half and half creamers. Free cream. You can also go to a local car dealership and get powered creamer there for free. If you put sugar in your coffee…don’t be stupid! Go to your local restaurant, tell them you just bought an iced tea an hour ago and you need more sugar packets and use those. 50759-cold-brew-coffee
  3. This third option is what I’ve been doing for the last week and it works great. Why? Because I can get my coffee for $1.99 and I can also get a free lunch at the same time. How, you may ask? Well…read on in the next post to learn more. That’s all for now.

♥ The Budgetologist 

What’s For Dinner?

I’m struggling this month, I’m really struggling this month. My boyfriend had a birthday and it wiped me out financially. Damn him for being born!

I figure after rent, utilities, gas, wifi and my hefty credit card bill I’ll barely have any money for food every day. It’s going to be pushing it to be able to spend $5 a day. I’m aiming more for about $3 a day.

Now let’s just put this out there now, I can’t cook for shit. I screwed up nachos last night. But it’s for good reason, dammit. I never wanted to be a housewife (a fate worse than death in my young mind. Why? Well, no financial independence of course! Stuck under the financial fate of a husband who might have an Ashley Madison account as we speak, no thank you.) so it was intentional that I never learned to cook! Yeah, kicking myself over that one.

Luckily, there’s some life hacks I use to stay under budget and not cook. First of all, I live on baked potatoes. I love those things. They’re about 80 cents a potato. Throw them in the microwave (but for christ sakes, poke holes in them first, common now). I’ll be eating one for dinner for sure. They fill you up with all that starch. Gotta love them.

I get butter packets from local restaurants that serve breakfast so I don’t have to pay for butter myself. Just go in, say you were a customer earlier and you’d like some extra butter packets. It’ll work every time, guaranteed.

Then I spend about $1.68 on sour cream and just go. to. town. Hey, It’s not a lot of calories and it’s freakin delicious. Why not save money and lose weight at the same time?

♥ The Budgetologist