– 5 Unusual medical jobs you don’t need an M.D. for

I need a physician. Because I’m sick. Sick of all the articles out there giving the same tired professions for alternatives to an M.D. nurse, physician assistant, medical assistant blah blah poppycock! all of it! Here’s some unique alternatives in medicine.

Let’s face it: you were never going to be a doctor. You considered it for 40 seconds freshman year of college but after O chem all bets were off. Don’t worry, though. Mom and dad don’t have to think you’re a failure just yet. Here are some lucrative medical jobs that require not more than a masters or even a credential.

  1. Anesthesiologist Assistant ($100k/yr) РDAMN! Six figures. Anesthesiologist assistants help anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists put people under! They might do the initial screenings, make anesthesia recommendations to the physician and administer local anesthesia. Gotta go to school for two years but clearly pays off. Zzzz
  2. Perfusionist ($75k/yr) – A perfusionist makes sure the heart and organs don’t crap out and die during open heart surgery. There’s a few specialized programs to get a master’s in cardiovascular science. It take a year then you do a year of rotations.
  3. Sleep Technologist ($50k/yr) – Another Zzzz job. Sleep technologists watch you while you sleep! Like Santa! Only paid more. They help sleep medicine science advance by doing the bitch work in sleep studies. Best of all, you can do this job at night and still keep your day job (if you don’t sleep much yourself).
  4. Pedorthist ($40k/yr) – You’ve probably never heard of this one so I’ll walk you through it. That was a pun…a pedorthist helps people with foot and ankle problems by fitting the proper orthopedics and whatnot they’ll need to get back on their feet (I’m chock full of em). You can get certified in this by passing a national exam and then you can put your toes on your nose (WHAT?!)
  5. Medical Scribe ($40k/yr) – In your ordinary doctor visit you might have a nurse, nurse’s assistant or medical assistant write down your pre-screening questions and answers for the doctor. That’s not the case in the emergency room where everything is bonkers. Cue, medical scribe. They jot down notes so the doctors can like…save lives and shit. No credentials necessary just your smiling self.

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