– 7 Fields With 0% Unemployment Rates

If you’re interested in side income, you might want to consider some fields that have virtually zero percent unemployment rates. All of the jobs listed below have under one percent unemployment rates. Now that’s the first time 0% is actually a good thing! Here are just a few job options…

  1. Cyber security / information security analyst – Cyber security is going to skyrocket in the next decade. Just look what’s happening with major companies like Apple and Target. Hackers are all over the place, waiting to steal information, and cyber terrorism is only going to get worse as hackers get more efficient. This is one field that’s not going anywhere.
  2. Judges / Magistrates – It may seem counterintuitive because we all know just how hard it is to become a lawyer with market over saturation but there is still jobs for nearly everyone who is qualified in the judge and magistrate areas of the law. In 2013, there was only a 0.4% unemployment rate for these folks.
  3. Bioengineers – Biomedical and biomechanical engineers help to develop medical devices and artificial organs to help people live longer and heal faster. There is going to be an explosion of bioengineer need in the next decade as medicine advances more and more. You only need a Bachelor’s degree to get into the field, so if you’re geeky and into science as much as math, you might want to consider this field.
  4. Religious directors / education supervisors – One reason for the abundance of jobs and lack of people might be the low pay, averaging around $36,000 a year. But, as a side income possibility it could be a very rewarding job for those that have a passion for it. Most of the time, you only need a Bachelor’s degree.
  5. Appraisers and Assessors Of Real Estate – Appraisers and assessors of real estate look at properties and use a criteria to determine their worth on the market. This is a job that can definitely be done on the side and had a 0.6% unemployment rate as of 2015. You can get credentialed in this fairly quickly with low costs.
  6. Petroleum Engineers – The good news about petroleum engineers is they’re probably the highest paid engineers. Add on that virtually zero unemployment in the field and it seems golden. The bad news is these engineers are often times moving, spending months on the road away from loved ones…going where ever the petroleum need is. But life is a give and take, right?
  7. Nurse Practitioners – Almost all of us have heard the nursing profession always has jobs to fill. Nurse Practitioners have a little more education than your typical RN or BSN, and for good reason, too! They often times prescribe medications under a doctor and some even start their own practices; with the money they have from being employed in an abundant field, of course.

One thought on “– 7 Fields With 0% Unemployment Rates

  1. I am not sure about the Oil and Gas folks now that it seems the Saudis and Russians (+Iranians) cannot agree! Real estate is running down fast as well here in Singapore as it is in the UK. Might wanna take a relook at these lucky 7!


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