Get Money Back Shopping At Target

Target is decently priced. You can probably get cheaper things at Walmart, but this budgetologist discovered a loophole in the system that might not make that so.

A loophole! In the SYSTEM! What a beautiful thing to save money and feel like a smooth operator at the same time.

If you buy something on target on sale, let’s say a dress was $20 but is on sale for $10, then when you get to the register you will pay the sale price, a receipt will be given and you will go on your merry way.

Now, if you wait until that dress is no longer on sale at target and then return it with the receipt and original credit or debit card you paid with, a loophole will become apparent. Target will have to give you back the full price of the dress and you will receive $20 instead of $10.

It’s a weird system they have but it’s required they give you back the price of the dress as it is now, not as it was when it was on sale. You can do this with virtually anything in the store and even make a profit with this method!

Check online to see what kind of temporary sales Target is having, buy said item…return it after the sale to get even more money back! Booyeah!

♥ The Budgetologist

Save Money on Make Up

I work in television, which means people have the misfortune of looking at my mug every day. It also means I must buy a lot of make up to glob on so I look camera ready on the daily.

Make up is very expensive. Very, very expensive. Upwards of $40 for some face crap then anywhere from $8-16 for mascaras, eyeliners and eyeshadows. Um, no thank you. Frankly, I just don’t have that kind of money to spend.

That’s why I say, praise the lord for ELF brand make up. Now you may be asking, “But Budgetologist, won’t ELF and other cheap make up make my skin break out and make my prom date spit in my eyes and never talk to me again?” To which I reply: shut your dirty mouth, you know nothing.

It’s true, ELF might make you break out for the first month. I broke out slightly the first month of wearing it daily. But, a month of break outs is worth a lot of savings. And oh the savings you’ll see.

I’m gonna be flat out honest with you right now and say there’s really no reason to buy those more expensive brands with ELF on the market now. They’re no longer higher quality, they just can’t compete.

And if you’re still caught up on the acne thing, I’ll put my make up removing regiment in a post you can find here this so you definitely won’t break out (4 steps). And duh, of course the make up removing regiment is cheap as hell.

You can get all this shit at Target or Walmart, BTW.

  • Granted, there are some ELF products that are just crap, and I will take my money with me elsewhere to get something that actually works. Here’s the make up I use with the cost: Foundation – I get the ELF studio flawless finish ($6) it lasts me about a month and a half to two and a half months wearing it every day. And let me tell you, it saves so much money. This quality foundation would normally be at least $40 for a bottle like this. I take my loads of savings and put it right into my investing account. Wahoo!


  • Powder / Concealer – I use the ELF essential cover everything powder ($2) I swoop it over my whole face and it covers all my hideous blemishes with the liquid foundation above! Now all the boys at the bar will buy me free drinks saving even more money. It’s a win-win, ya dig?


  • Eyeshadow – I use the ELF essential flawless eyeshadow ($2) You know how much those Naked Pallets are? Well, cut that shit out it’s just not worth upwards of $50 every time you need new color for your eyelids. And btw, DO NOT get the studio baked eyeshadow it’s absolute garbage and doesn’t even work at all.


  • Any brushes at all – They’re all good whether it be for your eyes, bronzer, powder, whatever. And they’re pretty much all a dolla. Again, saving you tens (possibly even hundreds at this point). ELF Subpage Designs
  • Bronzer / Blush – contouring blush and bronzing powder duo pallet – do NOT get the cream version of this, that stuff is absolute garbage. But the powder is a little cheap miracle. It’s based on that good Nars shit but it’s only a fraction of the price. ka-CHING!

Did you really think imma pay for this picture?

Things I don’t use ELF for:

  1. Lipstick – Don’t use ELF lip anything it’s all absolute garbage. I still opt with a cheap option of course. I go with the Wet n’ Wild brand ($0.99) it’s a nice color and surprisingly stays on. Plus, it’s below a dolla. Cheap cheap cheap!
  2. Eyeliner – This is the one thing I’ll drop coin on. Eyeliner is the lion’s nest of the face (WHAT?!) To me, it’s the most important part of my look. ELF brand is absolute garbage don’t even go there. Any drugstore eyeliner will be more than you want to spend, but sometimes that’s just necessary in this cruel girl world.
  3. Mascara – This is at your discretion. Usually, I steal mascara from my mother and sister until they yell at me, give up trying and finally go buy more for themselves, but I’m hearing that Wet ‘n Wild, which you can get at Target as well, has mascara that is quality and inexpensive. Elf brand mascara is absolute garbage and dries out after like…30 minutes.

♥ The Budgetologist