No Money? Get Lunch Free

I don’t know if you fools know this but this Budgetologist does not make a lot of money. Yes, I have a job in television that I love and yes maybe I could be a corporate sell-out and make more that way, but I just don’t wanna! So for the sake of full discretion I will tell you right now I make a few cents over minimum wage in my state, as of this January. What does that mean? That means a lot of times I’m broke-da-broke!

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A membership to Costco costs over $50 a year and ain’t nobody got time for that. The problem: Costco samples are some of the best. You can get a quarter of a sandwich, mouthfuls of ravioli and all the mixed nuts you can ask for just in one sample tour.

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This is what I do almost every day — I go to Costco and eat the free samples WITHOUT a membership. But how do you get through the door with the security guards there? Well, I just say I’m getting lunch. Lunch at Costco is open to the public and you do not need to be a member. After that, I just walk through the aisles and get all the free samples I want while also getting some exercise (that place is huge!)

The sample ladies are usually very nice so you can take three crackers with chunky tuna on them and they won’t even mind. Eat enough to get full.

Once you’re in the store, is anyone really going to stop you and ask you for your membership? Uh, no. How would they even know? They wouldn’t. Go forth and eat samples!!

♥ The Budgetologist


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